Friday, December 31, 2010

My Favorite Tutorials of 2010

One of my favorites, Pretty Little Pillow, has a pretty little secret.  
I took the pictures just a tad before the pillow was finished -- it's opening is still pinned together.  
This is not a first for me.

Then there was How to Clone a Rooster.  Not really a tutorial.  More like a show and tell.  No secrets here.  Thank goodness.

A few of the most popular posts were the 

But my very own favorite was the  

And, like McDonald's, I'm still lovin' it.


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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shabby Carport Turned Breezy Patio

This is one of my favorite posts, I think, with one of my 
favorite comments ever...
Tricia Rose said..."The bravest 'before' photos I have ever seen!

So, here I am, being brave all over again...

I'm not sure why no one I know tried to stop me from buying this house.  Why was there no intervention, no nice men in white coats to, ah, "detain" me until I recovered from whatever it was that possessed me?  Was there a name for what ailed me?  Because, this pathetic little view of the carport on the house is pretty much representative of what the rest of the house looked like when I brainlessly fell in love with it.

I walked past this scene, I am mortified to say, for more than a year, while working on the inside of the house. It was just down right disgusting, I know. 

The old door was rescued and donated by a friend to cover the 
ginormous utility box and those lovely, protruding wires. 
The little table, I love.  It was built by the previous owner and used as the telephone table.  
I think a good cleaning was in order.

I painted the old door with the trim color and hinged it to the outside corner so it swings free 
for easy access to the utility box.  I think the baskets on hooks fill in an otherwise
awkward area.The chairs and plants pretty well disguise the wires that run everywhere. 

Am I really showing this before picture?

If you notice in the before picture there were poured concrete steps leading into the back door.  They were sturdy, I must say, and ugly and were not going anywhere.  My solution?
Build over them.  One of my favorite changes so far!


The simple curtains I made from 6'x9' painters drop clothes purchased 2 in a pack from
Home Depot for only $9.99.  They were the perfect size.  I held the panel up to determine where 
to put my cup hooks on either side of the carport opening.  I loosely pleated the top edge 
of the curtain then poked a hole through the layers with an exacto knife.  
Then, I just threaded the holes onto the hooks.  

I think the panels are what make the carport 
into the outdoor room of my dreams.

Just put staining that floor on my to-do list!


Hookin' up with Donna @ Funky Junk

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's To-Do List

I have played around with Christmas stuff for weeks, finishing up just in time to take it all down again. It's time to move on.  Creating a list of things I want to get done before I die seems like a logical first step.  Not calling it a "resolution" seems like a good idea, too.  Putting it out there (I'm adding it to my side bar) for all to see?  Maybe not.  Just try not to judge my progress too harshly.  I won't. 

This post is not really about New Year's resolutions, which, for me anyway, are way too easy to break.  It's just a little (random) to-do list.  Because, I've seriously got things to do.

  • Finish powder room addition
  • Clear out my bathroom sink drain
  • Finish my sewing armoire
  • Find storage space for fabric
  • Re-pillow the living room sofa
  • Paint Betty's painting
  • Make new dust ruffles for twin beds
  • Slipcover nasty wingback chair in dining room
  • Recover dining room chair bottoms
  • Clean bathroom vent
  • Reevaluate and tweak TV and hall walls
  • Start couponing
  • Clear off carport and KEEP it clear
  • Build dog kennel stand
  • Shed a few pounds
  • Cull my furniture collection
  • Stain back steps
  • Install backdoor screen door
  • Acid stain carport
  • Plant spring garden
  • Build gate to backyard to trap two bad Yorkies
  • Build or purchase a coat rack (for living room or outside back door)
  • Organize and prioritize my inspiration folder

Relax, don't un-follow me yet -- I promise I won't be taking pictures and posting about everything on the list.

The biggest project on the list?  We're carving a powder room out of a tiny 3'x8' space that was a stairway to the attic in the kitchen.  The stairs were never built back after a fire in 1968 and the awkward space (to put it kindly) was incorporated into the kitchen, which never really worked.

During the kitchen reno we just walled it up --  along with a new toilet, a couple of rolls of insulation, a box of tile and that dustpan I looked high and low for.  We recently opened it up from the hall side, adding double doors I found at my local Restore for $20.

There are issues with the doors (as you could see if I could find my camera cord) but I'm determined to make them work.  I'm thinking I'll remove the top panels and replace them with glass.   

Here are a few pictures from my bathroom idea folder....

House of Smith's

Addicted 2 Decorating

I hate I can't credit all of these pictures.  I collected most of them before I was blogging. 

Of course, my space is about the size of a bathtub but I hope to make it beautiful.  

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glittered Letters Banner Tutorial

I promised I'd show you all how I made my glittered letters.  They are fairly simple and almost free -- two of my favorite things.

See the WISH banner *here* and the JOY banner *here*.

Prepare to be glittered!  

What you need:
Poster Board
Spray Adhesive
All Purpose Glue
Letter Pattern

 I chose a type style from my computer and printed it in bold in the size I wanted. This really helps if it's a skinny type.

  W-I-S-H was printed in Coppperplate Gothic in 650 pts.  J-O-Y was printed in French Script in 600 pts.  That's really big and could use a lot of printer ink so I print in a light gray (10%) any time I'm printing something that's being used for a pattern only.

I altered the type style I used for the W-I-S-H letters.  See the picture below.

You can cut your poster board to fit in some printers and, skipping the pattern step, just print the letters directly on it. 

Larger letters can take three layers of poster board. For smaller letters, two layers of paper are enough.  These directions are for the larger letters...

  •   Using a generous amount of spray adhesive, glue two layers of poster board together. Let dry. 

  • Cut each letter out of a single layer of the poster board using your pattern.  

  •  Working with one letter at the time, spray the backside of a letter and press onto the two layers you have already glued together.

  • Now, cut around the letter again. Two layers are not fun to cut, let me tell you, but it is doable so just keep remembering how almost free these are.

  •   After the cutting is done, simply brush on all purpose glue to cover every little inch of surface (because there's no going back if you miss a spot) and sprinkle on the glitter.

Here I used Martha Stewart Glitter Snow to make a HAPPY NEW YEAR banner.

  • Bump off excess glitter.  Lay flat to dry.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Stocking Giveaway Winner!

I promised a winner for my 2 Christmas stockings today.  I let my grandson (because he's adorable) be my random number picker!  


 ...and now.

After some coercion, and a toss up between bribe and threat, the lucky number was 130!  Not his favorite number, he said, because his favorite was 0.  I might need to go a little more high tech next time.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here is the lucky winner!
Congratulations, Sherry.  Please contact me with your choice of two stockings and I will get them in the mail as soon as possible!!!

To everyone else -- thank you so much for all your sweet comments.  I loved reading every one of them.  I wish everyone a very blessed and merry Christmas.

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