Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Uncle AG's Pie Safe

This pie safe belonged to my great uncle, Asia George -- "AG".  It was handed down to my Mom who loved him dearly and who helped look after him in his later years.  He was such a sweetheart.  

I "antiqued" it green, added the panel and painted the rabbits on it a hundred years ago -- during her "rabbit" phase.

Now that we're redoing her sunroom, it's time for a makeover.  
Mom was a little timid about my painting over the rabbits.  It was a little like erasing and drawing over a master piece I created in kindergarten for her.   I, on the other hand, rolled creamy paint over them without even looking back. 

 We wanted something simple.  Elegant.

We've obviously moved into our bird phase.  I used a method I've used a couple of times before and birds I found on one of my very favorite sites -- The Graphics Fairy.  You can check out my instructions *here*.

 The room is coming together.  The new curtain panels look awesome.  I'll share some how-to's  and after pictures later.


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Friday, June 10, 2011

Somethings Gotta Give (and I guess it'll be me)

 I'm not "good" yet but I am "better".  And, I was itching to post something.  So I dug through my pictures (no wonder my computer acts like it's stuck in reverse sometimes) and found a few I had taken a couple of months ago when I was carving out some 
workspace for Mr. C...


Something had to be done about a work space for my husband.  
Nothing big.  Just a place to lay his laptop down.  In this little house, that space was NOT easy to come by. 

I tried, I did, but I couldn't squeeze another desk in anywhere. At least not without moving something else out.  But after moving here from our twice as big last house, I've gotten rid of just about all I care to.  Anything more would just be too dang painful.  Shoot me in the foot.  I can handle it.  That my stuff?  That's pain of the unbearable kind...

So, I've been forced to commit the biggest marriage home office no-no there is.  I'm moving him into the master bedroom and on to the cutest little antique table ever. 
Here's a look at the "before" space ...

AND, the "after"...

Next thing you know we'll be on the Dr. Phil Show spilling our guts...


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Monday, June 6, 2011

 My back is out.

So am I.  Hope to be "back" soon!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rustic Trunk from Salvaged Wood

I'll spare you the picture of me butt-up and knee-deep in our local landfill but I will promise you if you ever get a chance to dig around in one -- you'll be hooked!

I was when I found this pile of heart pine wood on my very first trip.  Crystal ball...I see a second trip in my very near future.  

The 1x6's were clean and pretty clear of nails.  I'm saving them for my next "big" project -- a powder room addition.  They'll make a beautiful, free ceiling treatment for the tiny room.  

The 1x12's were nasty and riddled with holes.  They looked like they had been involved in a shoot-out with a nail gun in which they'd barely survived.  

We call that "character" in these parts...

I needed a(nother) storage spot for fabric in the guestroom where I sew so I just ignored all the negatives and carried on -- just like the sign says.

The construction was very basic.  I added a stencil, applied randomly using stain, to add a little "something, something" to the basic box look.

I have to tell you about the quilt I plan to leave folded on the trunk.  It's vintage, was a $10 find, and it has only one loose seam. 

Oh, and it's amazing!!!

I'll be linking up here...

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