Friday, June 10, 2011

Somethings Gotta Give (and I guess it'll be me)

 I'm not "good" yet but I am "better".  And, I was itching to post something.  So I dug through my pictures (no wonder my computer acts like it's stuck in reverse sometimes) and found a few I had taken a couple of months ago when I was carving out some 
workspace for Mr. C...


Something had to be done about a work space for my husband.  
Nothing big.  Just a place to lay his laptop down.  In this little house, that space was NOT easy to come by. 

I tried, I did, but I couldn't squeeze another desk in anywhere. At least not without moving something else out.  But after moving here from our twice as big last house, I've gotten rid of just about all I care to.  Anything more would just be too dang painful.  Shoot me in the foot.  I can handle it.  That my stuff?  That's pain of the unbearable kind...

So, I've been forced to commit the biggest marriage home office no-no there is.  I'm moving him into the master bedroom and on to the cutest little antique table ever. 
Here's a look at the "before" space ...

AND, the "after"...

Next thing you know we'll be on the Dr. Phil Show spilling our guts...


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  1. Ya gotta do what ..

    Good solution. Laptops do make space finding a lot more convenient - and they can be put away in a drawer too.

    - Joy

  2. wow love this table and isn't it amazing what a few well chosen touches can transform a look,, beautiful,,

  3. I know how you feel about an office in your bedroom. I swore I would never do that, but when we got cable internet connection, I was forced to buy a nice desk and put my computer in my bedroom. It's ugly (I do not have a laptop) but practical since this was the only spot to put it.

    Your area is nice. I like the table and table runner. Best of all, that computer probably won't be there 24/7.

    But if you do make it on Dr. Phil, please let us know so I can watch. Gossip is only fun when I'm "in" on it!

  4. Hi Lindy,

    I´m not crazy about that either, but what to do when you´re short of space right? I think it looks great!

    Hope you will get well soon.


  5. so the biggest question is... does he like it?!


  6. Well this was a great idea...functional and attractive. How cleaver. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. LOL-Lindy- Yeah-MyHero would have me on Dr.Phil in a NY minute complaining about having to work next to a dress with pearls! LOL...sounds like your guy might be a pretty good sport...whatsa matter...he can't work on the porch?:>) xo Diana

  8. I completely understand your predicament. I have my computer set up in my master bedroom as well, even though I really didn't want to. There was just no other place. I've finally gotten used to it. Yours looks great!

  9. Lindy, I have the same issues of letting HIM have space in MY house. ;) He's not picky, thank goodness!

    I wanted to let you know I am giving away a Pottery Barn gift card this week, if you are interested! The best things are FREE!


  10. Husband's happiest versus vignette of pretty things - hard choice to make, but perhaps you made the right one.

  11. Love your comp table perfect space
    please visit me if you can

  12. What a great sport he is! He knows how to make you happy.
    My husband needs a room to himself he has two computers, a big fax and printer and a large desk to read blue prints.
    I'm the one with the smallest space...LOL
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  13. Shoot! Dr. Phil would ask you to redesign a space like that for him!!
    It is lovely!
    We are downsizing next year and you have me scared!
    I'd better start thinking about what stays and what goes now, huh?!
    HUGS and blessings and prayers that your back is back to normal SOON!!!
    ~Love, me

  14. Whew! Finally got a moment to catch up with some friends. Loved all your previous posts, especially the bags and chest. Love, love, love. Except the post about your back. Sorry about that. That's no fun for an active gal like you. In small houses I think you have to do what you have to do. The great things about laptops are they don't take up a lot of space and are easily tuck away. So I think you're spared from the Dr. Phil trip, for now anyway. Have an amazing week.

  15. You seem to be feeling better, and that's good!
    And your husband's new workspace is well thought out and cleverly done. Bravo!


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