Monday, August 2, 2010

Want a tour of the living room?

Here we are -- right inside the entry. Wow, is this a totally different picture from the first time I saw it.  It was disgusting (Dang, where are those "before" pictures?) but I was completely smitten anyway.  The floors were covered with orange indoor/outdoor carpet.  Not that I don't just loooooove indoor/outdoor ...doesn't everyone? What the heck were they thinking?  There were heart pine floors underneath it!  And then there was the celotex ceiling, the poured concrete hearth covered with 40 pounds of bird poop, the lovely fake wood paneling on the walls, and the 1970ish style trim -- I guess I forgot to mention the front of the house had a fire and suffered a remodel in 1968.  Anyway, here's a boatload of pictures.  See what you think of the after...   

I painted the fireplace, built up the mantel with trim and, after busting up the concrete, 
added stone to the hearth.

The paintings are mine. Did I mention that I paint?

I'll do a tutorial for the screen in a later post...

The coffee table was a $7.95 find from goodwill...

This is my desk.  My files are in the basket under the desk.  Of course, I have to stand on my head to get to them but it's cute....and cute counts, right?

My office supplies and printer are hidden away in the  antique piece behind the chair.  It was a stereo cabinet in a earlier life!

Most everything in the room I either  A) recovered and repainted or B) still need to recover and repaint...

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  1. What a great room! Looking forward to reading your blog. After what you did with the entry, I'm sure I can get some great ideas from you!

  2. OMG...that little lonely bookcase that was in your Mom's garage...all grown up! WOW...I can barely believe what you did to it! But I saw it for my own eyes!!!

  3. Hi Lindy! All I can say is Wow! Your blog is still so new and you are blogging like a Pro!! Speaking of "Pro" I think you qualify in the home dec area too! I will look forward to reading and keeping up with your great ideas! You go girl!!

  4. wow! Your living room looks great. You paint? I think that's an understatement! That piece is fantastic!

  5. I *love* that painted screen! And the little bunny painting is so sweet (did you paint that too?) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Again, a gorgeous room! I am simply drooling over your couch! Rich and decadent.

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  8. what a lovely room, very warm and welcoming.

  9. Pretty living room and you are a very talented artist too.


  10. WOW - this is all so beautiful!!!!


  11. Oh my goodness!! You are soooo the right person for this house! I can see her smiling and basking in your attention! Beautiful livingroom! And what a wonderful painter you are as well! You made a follower out of me! *winks* Vanna


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