Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogger in Training (pants)

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I've asked my son, Hayden, to work on this blog for me. I've asked him to add all the bells and whistles and links I can only dream about. He is amazing. He will do this with an ipod connected to one ear, a cell phone in the other, and the TV blaring. He'll type the speed of lightning using only three fingers on one hand and one on the other.
I, on the other hand, would need a quiet place, a clean space, a clear head, all ten of my fingers and most of my toes -- like that's gonna happen.

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  1. Tell your son I will pay him if he can make my tabs look like yours!!

  2. Hi Lindy ~ (ha!) As I said to you before, You are talented! Love your *BLOG*. Can't wait to see what your *SHOP ON THE HILL* has in store for all to see and $ well as the *Design "Consultations"* (that's sounds exciting)!

  3. Hi Lindy, you are awesome! I have truly enjoyed looking at your blog today.I came over from Life as Lori. I am a new blogger too. I just became follower #393~


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