Monday, October 4, 2010

Painting Giveaway!

* This giveaway is closed*

Sweet Cassity @

is giving away one of my paintings!
Head on over there and check it out.......

What? You haven't *clicked* yet?
What are you thinking!


Please *click here* and take a look around...


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  1. I am a follower of both of you, and I LOVE the apple (but I LOVE them all... ahhh, to be so talented!)

  2. I entered the giveaway! will you be selling the bird pillows in your etsy store?

  3. Lindy do I dare dream to win the lemons to go with my iced tea painting. You know I'm going to try. Your new Etsy shop is awesome.

  4. What I'm thinking is I wish I had such a wonderful collection as you! Love your paintings! I'm so glad you opened your Etsy shop. Maybe I'll FINALLY get around to getting something in mine.

    Congrats on hooking up with Cassity, too. Good score! Lots of exposure!

  5. Your paintings are just adorable and the right size for my little cottage that we call The Love Shack ;) Best of luck with your new shop and thanks for a fun giveaway. Fondly, Roberta


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