Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mom Cave - Master Bedroom

Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch is hosting a 
"Mom Cave" linky party.

Every Mom needs one, even if your children are grown and gone....


You can find the story about the headboard here!

The blue dress was my Mom's wedding dress! 

Mine's in the corner (cause sometimes I'm bad) in my master bedroom.  A chair, with good lighting for reading, near a place to sit a Diet Dr. Pepper and a Payday bar, and positioned just right for viewing Dancing with the Stars, is all I need


Check, check, and check.  So what's missing? 
A comfy chair.  That's right -- as pretty as I think 
this chair is, it's not comfy.
And who better to solve that problem?  HomeGoods! They're 
having a Mom Cave Contest and the winner gets $250 to spend on 
Mom Cave bling! 

I like bling.  I have a cave.  So I headed on over to the 
HomeGoods online store...

I found a couple of super comfy looking options at their online store.

 There were so many to pick from it made my head spin --
in a good way, of course.
While I was there I was grabbed by this gorgeous bird lamp, too! 


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  1. I love your little corner and that blue dress on the mannequin. Your chair is pretty, but I can see where you might want a more comfy one! I am joining the party too, but I'll still wish you luck! Lezlee

  2. I love you "Mom" cave Lindy!! I hope you get your comfy chair!! Love the bird lamp!!

  3. Lindy- Your room is beautiful! I can see how you would enjoy spending time in there...I know I would. I love the LOOKS of your chair but I have one like that and it not much fun to sit in it for very long. Good luck on winning the money to buy a comfy, cushy one! Hugs- Diana

  4. I love your mom cave Lindy. Gorgeous. I was wondering the significance of the blue dress. Was it one that was special to you or one that you just really liked? Your whole room is very wonderful. Good luck on winning.

  5. Your room looks so relaxing and pretty! I want you to come decorate for me! :)

  6. Your Mom Cave is just beautiful! I hope you can get that chair, even though the chair you already have is fabulous!

    Best wishes,

  7. Hi! I'm visiting via Between Naps on the Porch. I LOVE your beautiful Mom Cave! I'm not participating....just enjoying some pretty rooms!I also love your Book Page Cutouts, Dining Room Mural and Vintage Book Turned Planter! Such unique and pretty ideas!

  8. What a beautiful bedroom. Has everything you need. Great space to call your own.

  9. I love your little retreat. It is so beautifully decorated. Your mom's dress is awesome in there.

  10. Your room is beautiful and looks very relaxing. I love the bed it is absolutely gorgeous! The personal touches are great, especially your Moms wedding dress. How special!

  11. I think having your own little space in a bedroom is a wonderful idea! When you have unwound from the day, you don't have far to go to get into bed! Your chair is lovely and while you say it isn't comfy, I'll bet it still feels special to sit in it.


  12. Hi Lindy, Your room is stunning! I love the wall sconces and your window panels! You've created a wonderful and relaxing space!

  13. I would love to spend time in there any day but yes I'd agree a nice comfy chair would do the trick!

  14. Love your room, and the details make this room upscale, but comfortable at the same time:)

  15. what a relaxing space! love that bird lamp,too!

  16. Lindy, what fabulous draperies! Want to hear more about those and the slipcover for the armchair. Just a lovely room (whatever you call it).

    Hope you win and thanks for stopping by.

    Jane F

  17. I love how serene and comforting your space is. It must be so nice relaxing after a hard day.

  18. I love your Mom Cave -- and the blue dress on the form is the icing on the cake. Mad Men! I can just see the dress on Joan. But is is very neat that it was your mother's wedding dress. You do need you a chair, I agree.

  19. Stunning! My favorite thing is that amazing headboard! It caught my eye immediately! Thanks for sharing your cave with us!


  20. Is there one spot in your house that isn't magazine worthy??? It's beyond gorgeous Lindy. Love the bunny-ear ties on your window treatments, I've never seen those before.

  21. Such a comfy room. I absolutley love the lamps in your bedroom. They're dreamy!


  22. Lindy, I have always loved your bedroom and the headboard is amazing. Please tell us about the drapes..I adore them.
    xo, Sherry

  23. Its beautiful and so serene look in your bedroom, tempting and inviting... I really love your sidetable approch, it so unique and beautiful...
    I would love if you peek a little to me at
    hope you enjoyed there.

  24. Just love your Mom's wedding dress int he special is that ;) Yes a comfy chair is a must and if you can find one with an ottoman that would be even better cause you just have to put your feet up for those naps! Best of luck, fondly, Roberta

  25. I enjoyed your post, too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful and calming bedroom. Really appreciate you also for stopping by and leaving a positive comment.

  26. Oh, LOVE it! The bee pillow is so cute too. Thanks for sharing it.

  27. Lindy,
    Thank you for your sweet e-mails and for telling me about the dress. How sweet that it is your mother's wedding dress. I love your room. It's very peaceful.
    Hugs~ Amanda

  28. Your headboard is simply divine! Did you paint it!?

  29. Hi Lindy...

    My friend, I was just coming over to say thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my Brookshire Autumn table...I sooo enjoyed your visit and sweet note!

    Well...I'm sooo glad that I came by! Lindy, I just love...I mean LOVE...your "Mom Cave"!!! I just don't think it could be any more perfect! Especially if you have a diet soft drink and payday candy bar with a TV in view! wink! Love that! Seriously though...your bedroom really is gorgeous! I love the colors that you have used in this soft and pretty! your fabulous headboard! Ohhh...the shape of it...and that beautiful painted bird...stunning!!! I still can't believe that you made this fabulous headboard...what a talented lady you are! I was also admiring your beautiful drape. I love how they tie at the tops...gorgeous! Well my dear, thank you for sharing your Mom Cave with all of us...this was such a treat!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  30. Gorgeous Mom Cave! I can definitely see why it's your getaway space. You did a beauitful job decorating it...And I think your Mom's wedding dress displayed on the body form is such a sweet touch. Good luck. Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  31. Such a beautiful room. Love the headboard and the linens are gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  32. What a gorgeous room... love your wall color and the headboard is to die for. Well done!

  33. Beautiful master bedroom, a divine headboard to say the least!

  34. Love your master bedroom! As soon as I saw your mannequin, I thought to maybe display my Mom's wedding dress in my new home... thanks for sharing!
    I found your link on Cindy's blog, and I'm glad I did!
    Have a great weekend.

  35. what a lovely remodel! I am in LOVE with those curtains and the petals on top! Lovely! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

  36. What a lovely Mom Cave. Seems such a shame to call it a cave. I've just found your blog and am having a ball checking out your amazing talent. Even my hubby was impressed by your headboard and he doesn't like anything painted at all. I'm drooling over your window treatments. I think they are my favorite part of decorating so I've seen many styles, but these are new to me. I would love to know more about them. Did you design them?


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