Saturday, September 25, 2010

Public Confession # 1 -- I'm a total copy cat

So, cuff me....then go ahead and scroll down to see how easy it was to do!

  Most of the time when inspired by someone else's idea, I'll take that idea and make it my own, changing it here and there, tweaking it, 
using it as a jumping off point.  But this idea was way  
too perfect just like it was and I was forced to duplicate it, exactly, 
or as close as I could anyway.  

I think I came pretty. dang. close.

Southern Living
Now, if I can only figure out how to copy the cute kid!

And Mine...

Not all of the pictures are of family members.  If you look close you can see my last name spelled out in architectural photographs taken by one of my lovely daughters.

Then there's a copy of a letter I wrote home when I was 8 and was spending time with my grandparents in the country.  I love this letter because it is proof positive that I was born to adorn everything -- I was telling my parents how my brother and I were decorating a goat pen!

This is our TV room with our wild recliners.  We love these things.
In fact, want to know where I blog?  Right here!

Here's how I did it...

The frames were only $1 each and I peeled the magnet off the back to save for another project. The inexpensive 4"x6" acrylic refrigerator frames and picture hangers came from Walmart - doesn't everything? 

Use the paper insert from one of the frames, fold it in half to find the center and mark the spot where you'll be drilling the holes about 5/8" down from the top. 
Slip this template into the frame and carefully drilled a hole, from the front to the back,  where you've marked the spot, using the same pattern for every frame.  The hole you drill will need to be larger than you might think so the frame will lay flat to the wall.  Oh, and make sure you're drilling at the top of each frame so your pics don't slip out...don't ask me why I know this.

Push the pointed end of each hanger into a piece of cardboard and spray paint them black.  I like these hangers because they'll show and they all go in at the same angle and will stick out the same amount. Use a level to measure and mark for hanging leaving 1" between the frames all the way around. 

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  1. I love your project, Lindy! Thanks for sharing your tutorial! I love how you used your daughter's photos~ my daughter made a piece for us using architectural letter photos, but our name is 11 letters long! So it might not work for this project unless we made it huge! But I would love it with just photos, too!

  2. Your picture gallery is fabulous. I love it and I love your wonderful letter. What a thrill that you still have it. Such a fabulous keepsake. Hugs, Marty

  3. Looks great and like a fun project, "personal" art!

  4. Your's look just as good!!! Yay for you!!

  5. I love this public confession....if only we were all as honest as you!!

    And what style you have in choosing what to copy!



  6. You did a great job, honey. I'm also a copy cat. I get the best ideas from perusing the blogs and then adapting it to my style.

  7. They look GREAT!! You did an awesome job with it!

  8. Your picture wall turned out fabulous and what a great compliment it is to use someone else's idea! I love the letter you wrote as a wee girl.

  9. What a great project. These look great. Love the pictures your daughter took and how sweet to have that letter up there. I love personal stuff like that. So unique to you...

  10. I love the picture mosaic too, Lindy! I love how you saw something that you liked, figured out how to make it your own, and then did it! You dove in and ended up with a very up-scale look.

  11. OH! Lindy, this is so great! I saw your name at another post and thought, "I need to see what that girl is up to!" Always something fun at Cottage Hill! I am glad you gave the 'how-to's!" I would have a million holes in my walls! It looks awesome! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  12. Lindy- I absolutely love it...but I must say...I am still laughing over reading your letter where it says....I am having fun in the goat pen!!! OMGosh...I just started snickering and can't stop! It sounds so much like something one of my grandkids would write today- Hugs- Diana

    ps...I think the chairs are great!

  13. I love your photo wall and those gorgeous funky recliners! Thanks for following me.

  14. fabulous tutorial. Your picture gallery is adorable. I love the letter! This would look great in small groups going up a stair too!
    I have a set of back stairs that would look great using this treatment.
    Wonderful job. I am starting a new meme very soon called Tutorials, Tips and Tidbits and this would be perfect!
    Have a blessed Sunday,

  15. That turned out really well. Loved it.

  16. ...words to live by:

    "originality is nothing but judicious immitation"

    This is my motto. (-: Very cleaver wall treatment.

  17. smarty pants is what you are.Looks like a lot of work.

    anyway I love that little letter you still have from when you was a little girl. How precious is that?


  18. Great project Lindy, and I love that letter, how sweet and funny. You had great penmanship! Lezlee

  19. Found your link on Tools Are For Women Too - and I love how you put those together! and it's not an exact copy, lol, they have 6 across and you have 5 - so you DID make it your own! :)

  20. That turned out great. I love the letter - so sweet and I love how it prophecies your future. :)

  21. I love the pictures!! Looks great! I also would love to know where you got your recliners...they are wonderful!

  22. Dear Lindy, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am glad you did, because now I got to see your blog and really liked it! I am becoming a follower today.
    I loved your paintings on the last post, the colors are so soft and happy.
    You did a great job with the photos on the wall!
    I loved the idea, cheap, simple and clean.
    See you soon.

  23. what a fabulous job, i love this! I need to do photos of our name in nature..architecture or something, I really like that idea. Very nice.

  24. You're so darn clever!! Looks great! Can't believe you wrote that letter at age 8! Your handwriting was awesome!

  25. Great project, even if you say you 'copied' it! I really enjoyed reading your letter - how special to have kept that!


  26. I absolutely love this!! What a wonderful project. I think everything about it is great. Your letter, name and photos are so sweet. Thanks so much for sharing!!
    ~stopping by from These Creative Juices!~

  27. LOVE the last name spells out in architecture! I may have to borrow the idea at our new home =)
    PS: I found you on Sugar Bee

  28. Ingenius how you spelled out your last name ---love it! ~Sheilla

  29. It looks great! I like the last name inclusion as well as the letter! It makes it more than just pictures. Very fun! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's.

  30. Lindy - I love your project! I think my favorite part is you last name in it. You did a great job!

  31. I love it!
    Thanks for telling us how to copy that.
    Hugz, Dolly

  32. It looks great, Lindy. And it's okay to be a copycat. I have it on good authority that there's really nothing totally "new under the sun." I think it's so cool that you spelled your last name with those detail images, too.

    Thanks for linking to my party. I would love to have you join me each week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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