Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vintage KitchenAid Mixer - Painting

Wouldn't you just love to have one of these?  The real thing, I mean?

12x9 Oil on Canvas
I saw one of 'em in an antique store a year or so ago.  It was in great condition and was only $69.  The ticket read "works".  I walked away without it.  I've been kicking myself down the road ever since...

Here's my painted version.  It's 12x9 on canvas board, painted in oil. I'll be adding it to my Etsy store...


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  1. Love this painting. I have a 1954 Kitchenaid that I got for 8 dollars. Works like a champ.

  2. Lindy, I love this painting and I love that mixer!! Those vintage KitchenAids had such great and strong motors in them. I have a KitchenAid today but it isn't as powerful as the old ones!

  3. Oh I love it!!! You just can't beat those older KitchenAids. Lost mine years ago in a move...was devastated and never replaced it. Someday!!!!

  4. Wonderful painting. My mom had one very similar (no juicer) when I was growing up. It was so great having two beaters--that way my sister and I always got one to lick! :)

  5. Beautiful painting! I love all your intricate details.

  6. Yes, I want one of these. I saw a turquoise sunbeam that worked with all its parts once in an antique store for $50. But at the time...I didn't have the $50 and I was on way to get the $ I had to let it pass. They have them on Ebay all the time though.

    My Mom has a white one that was her Grandmothers that she says I can have....I just haven't gone and got it. I figure it's just another thing to clutter my I've resisted.

    Love the painting.

  7. Lindy- I love y9ur painting. My Mom had a white one that she used all the time...she had the attachment too, but I don't ever remember seeing it on the mixer. I think it was a juicer? Diana

  8. Love the painting! Keep your eyes peeled, I bet you will find one eventually.

  9. I have never seen a vintage one before...I have one but not like this one! Very cute. Great painting.(-:

  10. wow, gorgeous painting! I've never seen one of those "in the wild"

  11. The great thing about this one is that you don't have to clean it!

    I love the colors in your painting....

    Take care,

  12. My mum had a Sunbeam mixer with a juicer attachment just like that (in New Zealand). For a treat occasionally we would have fresh grapefruit juice before dinner!

  13. Great painting Lindy, and yes I want one!

  14. Lindy: I had to laugh because I just gave my kitchen aid stand mixer back to my Mom! I found that I missed my simple, cheap, old hand mixer, and so my stand mixer collected dust and took up valuable counter space! Now my Mom has one at both summer and winter houses :) So we're all happy! I just thought it was fitting to see this painting so soon after I gave mine up :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll come back and visit again sometime and hope you will too!


  15. As a painting its so perfect, the shades,curves shadows all little details you describe so well Lindy... you have a great talent . And about vintage kitchen aid... yes these old aids are not only very powerful but very rough and tough.. you can use them casually...

  16. I thought it was a Sunbeam MixMaster--

  17. Ohhh I would be kicking myself too, but the painting is WONDERFUL!!!!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog tooo!!!! I love to have my coffee in the morning and stroll through your blog( very relaxing for me before all the kiddo's rise and shine) Thanks for sharing.
    Heather H

  18. I can't live without my kitchenaid! Love your painting, it would look fabulous in my kitchen!

  19. Fabulous Lindy!! Love the painting and I want a kitchenaid mixer too!

    Lou Cinda

  20. I would LOVE to have that! So sorry that you didn't pick it up!

  21. I may have an old mixer in my stash of things to paint if you are interested I can dig it out for you! :-)
    We inherited hubbys parents Kitchen aid and to be honest I have yet to use it.
    I am just so used to pulling out the hand mixer and wham bam be done!
    It may get used for christmas baking next month though!

    Smiles, Dolly
    P.S. I looooooooooooove that painting!

  22. I don't acquire a mixer I conscionable use a handheld beater and a nutrient processor and that activity pretty surface. Mostly because I fitting can't deal with too galore appliances I did a line on this right a period or so ago!!

    Cuisinart Reviews

  23. This isn't a KitchenAid, it's a Sunbeam. Vintage KitchenAid mixers either say Hobart or KitchenAid on the front and have a similar appearance to the current model.


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